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Mr. McCain goes to Washington

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He was so gracious as to show his face in Washington, despite having only voted on one issue in the last six months to settle the issue that most said was on track to be worked out overnight. Yesterday, Senator McCain announced his campaign would be suspended today. Today, his campaign is active as any other day on the campaign trail.

He said he would not debate if there was not a deal worked out, despite the fact that he isn’t on any relevant committee to do any of the “working out”. This really leads most people to wonder if this isn’t just a response to his tanking poll numbers. It also omits the major point about his effectiveness with “reform” when it is actually necessary, that he has not sponsored a single banking bill in the 111th Congress.

After arriving in DC this morning Senator McCain met with House Republican leader John Boehner of Ohio to communicate how important it is that a deal be reached. Or did he? When we heard from Rep. Boehner after the meeting, he said that no such deal had been reached. This either leads us to believe John McCain is not capable of convincing his own party to compromise, or that he is secretly trying to prolong this issue through the weekend to interfere with the debate schedule.

Many in the media have pointed out the tight schedule and the possibility of simply cancelling one of the debates. The Vice-Presidenial debate would be the first to go if the McCain campaign had their way. Sarah Palin can’t handle Charlie Gibson or Katie Couric, so a debate seems like such a stretch.

This looks like the same political grandstanding surrounding the controversial immigration bill last year. After failing to show his face in Washington for 55 days, he went ahead and brought his media circus in for the vote. Immigration is also one of those areas where Senator McCain will claim to have bucked his own party. What he (and his campaign) will fail to point out is that he got promptly put back in his place by the Republican party on the issue. Simply looking at who John McCain would be beholden to for winning the election should make any rational person shudder.

As an added not, here are some video highlights (lowlights) of Gov. Palin’s recent interview with Katie Couric. I can hardly comment on these things, only to say that this level of incompetence and lack of awareness of the world makes President Bush look like a scholar. This isn’t the VP you could have a beer with, it’s the kind of VP you could bring on a witch hunt.


Written by unastronaut

September 25, 2008 at 1:34 pm

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