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The four things America needs most

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Election Day should be a national holiday. There is absolutely no reason why people should be receiving days off to celebrate the lives of people they know nothing about — or don’t believe in — when a very public and founding principle is not equally respected. An active citizenry is vital to any democracy, and celebrating the life of a raping, pillaging, culture-eradicating scumbag certainly seems archaic.

Impose a two or three-term limit on ALL public offices. Career politicians are the backbone of our corrupt system that borders on aristocracy. When politicians are simply doing a job, they will ultimately find the loopholes in their own system. Politicians campaign on ideals and a vision for the country, only to enter office and scratch the backs of those who scratched theirs. This all happens at the expense of progress, the American people and — in a very real sense — the American dream.

Eliminate the winner-take-all system in the electoral college for 48 states (Maine and Nebraska already distribute electors by district). Federalism relies on local and state level representation being strong and representative of that population, rather than simply taking cues to homogenize from the Federal government. There’s no reason anyone should ever feel their vote won’t matter simply because they live in a ‘red state’ or ‘blue state’.

The William U’Ren system of initiative, referendum and recall at a national level, and in all states would enhance the actual representation of average Americans in government. I am fortunate to live in a state where the people can propose ballot initiatives, referendums and initiate recalls of officials who betray the public trust. It works great for this state, helps us hold up our end of the federalism bargain and should certainly be made national. With a national initiative, we could have proposed our own bailout package, rather than relying on corrupt career politicians to actually speak for our interests.


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