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How will McCain’s tax cuts trickle down?

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If I could ask Senator McCain one question this morning, it would be about his tax cuts. Specifically, I would want to know how he justifies who is getting the tax cuts under his own plan. As ThinkProgress noted during the debate last night, McCain’s own family would receive over $300,000 in tax cuts under his own plan. I constantly hear Republicans with little understanding of the market talking about job creation as a weak link to tax cuts. This is my inquiry:

What would you do with that $300,000 tax cut in your own personal finances that would create jobs and/or trickle down and what path might that money take on its way to ultimately helping the middle class, which seems to be in constant decline in this millennia?

I’d be curious to know if Senator McCain would say he is the prime candidate for tax cuts in America. There’s something disgustingly 18th Century about the world’s strongest model democracy favoring an aristocracy in its tax codes. Until people start to explain where the money will go, up to and including a cameo appearance in middle class family budgets, there’s absolutely no reason to continue with failed “trickle down” economic policies.


Written by unastronaut

October 8, 2008 at 6:10 am

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