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McCain campaign offices as empty as the rhetoric

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You could take every McCain volunteer we’ve seen doing actual work in the entire trip, over six states, and it would add up to the same as Obama’s single Thornton, CO office. Or his single Durango, CO office. These ground campaigns bear no relationship to each other.

Sean Quinn from FiveThirtyEight.com has an interesting story about his experiences with both campaigns. It seems the McCain campaign is more about hating on Obama than actually running phone banks and canvassing neighborhoods. Perhaps this is why the trail has turned disgusting and downright reprehensible this week.

When someone at a McCain rally responded to “Who is the real Barack Obama?” with “a terrorist!”, Senator McCain clearly heard the remark, as evidenced by his cringing after hearing the remark. What Senator McCain did not do was stand up for decency, and honor his campaign pledge to run a clean campaign. That promise was broken long ago, if it was ever even true.

If the McCain campaign and his Klan rally supporters want to know who “the real Barack Obama” is, they need only a Google search. Even for those who don’t own a computer, any public library would be glad to let you cure your own ignorance by actually gathering some information, rather than perpetuating lies. Sarah Palin continues to say “we don’t know much about Obama”, after only hitting the national stage in the last days of August. Take a press conference, tell the media we don’t know much about Obama. Don’t simply keep inciting hate speech.

Burton Malkiel wrote of the “castles in the air” theory of investment in A Random Walk Down Wall Street. The McCain campaign has co-opted the concept, constantly upping the rhetoric to a level so inflated that the foundation disappears. At this point, McCain and Palin seem to just be holding Klan rallies in the air.


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