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Marriage is gay

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Prop 8 in California and Prop 102 in Arizona have been the buzz around the water cooler and the subject of daily protests in the street since last Tuesday. Gays are trying to get married, folks. It will ruin civilized society. Much like miscegenation did in 1967.

This is the one issue in national and state politics where I wonder just why I haven’t heard my argument before. Maybe it’s out there, but generally this debate is like two trains passing in the night. Here’s my question: why is the government involved in marriage at all?

There’s absolutely no need for the government — on any level — to recognize or fail to recognize any couple’s love for one another. None. The government is not in the love business, and clearly the “threat” of gay marriage does not hinder anyone’s ability to love another human being. All marriages should be seen as a civil union by the government, and churches can recognize the bonding of souls (or 55-hour Britney Spears marriage extravaganza) in whatever way they deem appropriate.

Civil unions should be defined as a bonding of social interests, not any sort of relationship between only a man and a woman. For those with the slippery slope argument handy, I’ll point out that every one of these arguments was made about miscegenation (marriage between races) back in the 1960s. Every last one of them. Care to point out one such example of miscegenation actually “mongrolizing the races” as people said at the time?

Now, before I get hit with arguments from the opposite side that “separate, but equal” is never equal, note that I don’t think the government should recognize anything as a marriage. It’s merely — in their eyes — a union of civil interests between two people. I think the reason this argument isn’t presented is that it combines the points of conflict and would created a knee-jerk reaction from both sides. But then again, sometimes we react that way when trying to do the right thing.


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November 12, 2008 at 6:31 am

McCain and Palin open the door to their own terrorist sympathies

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John McCain was partly responsible for the last national financial crisis.  I’ve already linked a photo of McCain with Keating, and now the Obama campaign has created a video to expose the economic “principles” of John Sidney McCain III.

The 400 wealthiest Americans have increased their net worth by $670 billion over the last 8 years, according to Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. This is staggering. When you hear Sarah Palin’s new buzz phrase, redistribution of wealth, this is what they are trying to hide. The redistribution has already begun. It’s the few taking from the many. As they try to smear Obama as a socialist, they are selling fascism.

Publicly subsidized, privately profitable! -Propagandhi

  • Our economy has lost jobs for 9 straight months.
  • Last week, the Dow dropped 777 points in a single day. That is $1.2 trillion being pulled from the market at once.
  • This week, nothing has changed in the markets.

Bill Ayers is an interesting name to be thrown around. I think it makes a great comparison to names like Thomas Muthee, or the Alaskan Independence Party. If there were an episode of VH1’s ‘Where Are They Now?’, then the entire argument of Bill Ayers is quickly engulfed in the wave of shock that comes from understanding where Muthee, the AIP and the Palin family stand now.

  • Ayers, who committed his crimes in the 1960s is now a professor in the College of Education at the University of Illinois in Chicago. Senator Obama was 8 years old when Ayers was a member of the Weather Underground, and Obama has denounced Ayers’ actions.
  • Palin, on the other hand, has given a speech to the Alaskan Independence Party as recently as 2008 and her husband was a card-carrying member of the secessionist group. Their website boasts the motto: Alaska First – Alaska Always. AIP founder Joe Vogler says “I’m an Alaskan, not an American. I have no use for America or her damned institutions.” He’s also stated “the fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred of the US government. And I won’t be buried under their damn flag….when Alaska is an independent nation they can bring my bones home.” That is the founder of the group Palin addressed this year.
  • Pastor Muthee, who has blessed Sarah Palin’s campaign began as a witch hunter in Kenya. She’s also gushed about how he prayed for God to “make a way” for her campaign. He prayed for God to bring finances to the campaign, in front of a congregation. How does that qualify for a tax exemption?

While we’re discussing radicals, how about those who bomb abortion clinics? Clearly this is one terrorist group that has Senator McCain’s sympathies.

John McCain is as mentally fit as Grandpa Simpson and Sarah Palin is as intellectually curious as George W. Bush — at best. All of these ridiculous spurious links brought up by the Palin-McCain campaign are to distract us from some of the worst economy ever seen by “Joe Six-Pack” as Palin likes to describe us.

Are you better off today than you were 8 years ago?