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Digg: Could the President have a prisoner’s eye poked out?

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Thirty pages into a memorandum discussing the legal boundaries of military interrogations in 2003, senior Justice Department lawyer John C. Yoo tackled a question not often asked by American policymakers: Could the president, if he desired, have a prisoner’s eyes poked out?

Or, for that matter, could he have “scalding water, corrosive acid or caustic substance” thrown on a prisoner? How about slitting an ear, nose or lip, or disabling a tongue or limb? What about biting?

by Dan Eggen, Washington Post, April 6, 2008 pg. A06

I highly recommend reading all of the article, it is a sad mark of where our nation has been and is headed if the people do not take the reigns. Things like this don’t happen “for a reason”, and there’s never anything people did to justify their own suffering, but we have total control over the future. When it comes to government, there are things which will ensure every American doesn’t shoulder the guilt of wars waged against people who tried to kill your daddy. Instead of trusting elected fools with the lives of Americans who wear the uniform, I have two ideas for a better America.

  • National Initiative for Democracy – This project is working to institute something similar to the initiative, referendum and recall system which implemented in 11 states, including Arizona. The idea is simple, if I can get a certain amount of signatures (say 10% of last elections total turnout), I could get certain legislation introduced to be weighed by the people in the next election. Recall also allows for appointed judges to be recalled, this would eliminate the need to accuse and the existence of “activist judges”. Sometimes the will of the people comes out in odd ways, and sometimes it is a judge with an agenda.
  • Transparent Government – This concept hasn’t had near enough elaboration, but it’s safe to say that in the Google Age, we can make any information accessible. We just need government cooperation and willingness to take a magnifying glass to their cushy jobs with frivolous fringe benefits. I’ve represented the movement with a great resources site. I’ll admit I’m not as well versed as I need to be, but I’ll continue to bring you my findings, with links to the sources.
  • Please feel free to comment and add to the discussion/fuel my research. All I want is the truth, and yes, it does hurt.

    [UPDATE: I found a video of a reporter saying that as a result of this “torture memo” many top officials may be indicted for war crimes. I’ll believe that when I see it, but it’s nice to know at least someone wasn’t afraid to speak the truth. These men committed war crimes. At the point we realize this war was unnecessary and took our attention off the real target, who was a sworn enemy of Saddam Hussein, we should also realize lies got us into the war and the liars who manifested them are guilty of war crimes. What the public decides to do with that is their collective prerogative. Sources: original story from the Washington Post, video and analysis from the Huffington Post.]


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