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Still with Stupid? Why we need a smart President by Meghan Daum

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With political discourse reduced to screaming contests and actual news eclipsed by exclusive and shocking footage of celebrities without makeup, we’ve become not only impatient with but downright opposed to the kinds of ideas that can’t be reduced to a line on a screen crawl or a two-sentence blog entry. Have you fallen into this trap?

I like this line of thought, and agree Barack Obama is most likely to know the price of a can of tuna. He and Michelle are actually most likely of all the candidates and spouses. Senator McCain and Senator Clinton are the kettle and pot calling a spoon black, in this case. The LA Times has been increasingly interesting and off the beaten (to death) path of most mainstream media. This column is well worth the read.

Yes, Obama’s richer than most ordinary people, but in that pantheon, he’s the guy most likely to know how much a can of tuna costs. As for his branding as an elite or an intellectual, why the jeers? Shouldn’t they all fit that bill? “The Daily Show’s” Jon Stewart summed it up best: “Not only do I want an elite president,” he said this week, “I want someone who is embarrassingly superior to me.”

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