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Super-delegates never were going to steal the election, but they are Obama’s insurance after a rough patch

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I have a theory. After seeing Chuck Todd say that another super-delegate has jumped ship from the Clinton to Obama campaign, citing the tone of the campaign. A lot of things are happening, and the candidates are each reacting to literally everything. Partly because they’re asked a ton of questions every day. This is a consequence of making themselves available.

I believe the super-delegates are something the media has never gotten right all along, much like a lot of things (Iraq War/WMDs, the impact of rhetoric). They were never going to stroll out of some closed-door meeting and steal the election from the deserving African-American candidate, as many in the media have speculated. They simply are acting as insurance to what the people want, and many of them (seemingly) have wanted the Obama message to catch on with the people, and are all too eager to jump ship when they see polls staying put through “controversy.” The media is known for spin, the people know this, and the super-delegates know it is the positions on issues (ethics reform, the war, the economy and health care) that matter most to people. When people hear change, we’re not politicos, we think of changing the BS in government that has put us in the current predicament.

Just an idea…


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  1. Diversity of points of view is one of the things that makes democracy work. The superdelegates can enrich the selection process. Their approach is more cerebral and less emotional . They can be the clearer heads that prevail. The combined input of the superdelegates and the ones derived fom primarys and caucuses is better than either one alone.


    May 1, 2008 at 10:12 am

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